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CNC Machines

We manufacture CNC machines by order and convert manually operated machines into CNC machines.

Currently we own these machines:

4 Axis Mill

Compleatly manifactured by us.


· Work area: 2200 mm X 1250 mm X 250 mm
· Spindle power: 5.6 kW
· Spindle maximum RPM: 24000
· Total servo motor power: 4.5 kW
· Rotational axis diameter: 240 mm
· Air and water cooling

Machining materials:

· Milling: Wood, brass, aluminium and other softer metals
· Cutting: Steel sheets up to 3 mm
· Pitting: All materials up to Ø16 mm


3 Axis Lathe

Formerly manually operated lathe converted into a CNC lathe.

3 Axis Mill