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Access control

From access control for a single door to a completely computerized network of doors, the Galileo access control system is the solution for you.
With our access control system you can control most standard outdoor and indoor magnetic locks and devices.
The operation can be done with iButtons, smart cards or biometric scanners.
The Galileo Access control system is modular, which means it can be quickly adapted and expanded with additional controlled doors, or with a time attendance system.
The system can also be connected with a video surveillance system, and whenever the lockis activated, a picture of the location can be taken.


The operation can be done with:

· iButton keys

· Smart cards

· Biometric scanners

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Time attendance and access control

Event list Detailed attendance report Monthly attendance report Detailed event report

The software has a flexible and scalable infrastructure and is built on a robust and secure platform. Thanks to the extensive possibilities it can be used to define rules for access control, define schedules for time attendance and it can be connected with a video surveillance system.

The software is capable of:

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