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Time attendance

Time attendance systems are used to record the employee’s time of entry and exit from the work station.In assembly with our software, your company can be equipped with a powerful system for recording and organizing its work force. The system is modular by nature which enables great flexibility in the assembling and is produced by us which enables us to adapt it especially for your needs. Whether you have 10 or 10.000 employees, our system is quick and easy to use. The system can be connected and expanded with our access control system or with a video surveillance system and thus increasing its functionality.


The operation can be done with:

· iButton keys

· Smart cards

· Biometric scanners

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Time attendance and access control

Event list Detailed attendance report Monthly attendance report Detailed event report

The software has a flexible and scalable infrastructure and is built on a robust and secure platform. Thanks to the extensive possibilities it can be used to define rules for access control, define schedules for time attendance and it can be connected with a video surveillance system.

The software is capable of:

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